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The range of standard services we offer are listed below, however, we can provide bespoke solutions to unique problems, so please contact us to discuss your requirements in details.


In addition, KRS Environmental has built up a large, experienced and trusted network of professionals to call upon nationwide and are also able to provide specialists in air quality, noise, ecology, landscape, heritage, archaeology and land contamination.


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Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) and Flood Consequence Assessments (FCA)


A Flood Risk Assessment is a requirement of all planning applications over 1 hectare and developments proposed in areas at risk of flooding.  KRS Environmental undertakes site specific Flood Risk Assessments, for all types of developments, countrywide, in accordance with the requirements of the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), formerly Planning Policy PPS25, "Development & Flood Risk" and the detailed guidelines set out in CIRIA Report 624.

The assessments undertaken are specific to each site and may be a screening report (Level 1) through to a detailed flood risk report including mitigation works (Level 3) and flood modelling using HEC-RAS, ISIS software, 2D Breach Analysis using MIKE software and the estimation of flood flows using the Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH).

KRS Environmental also have experience of Flood Consequence Assessments TAN15 – Development and Flood Risk (Wales), and are also able to produce reports to the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) requirements, providing the same level of services as that of a NPPF assessment.

Hydrological Assessments

Whether providing data for a hydraulic model, surface water management plan or as a standard alone report, a hydrology assessment is essential.  KRS Environmental has wide experience in providing hydrology assessment service which offers our clients a variety of benefits including:

  • A developed methodology which complies with Environment Agency guidelines.
  • Quick and efficient reports with calculation records.
  • A sound understanding of hydrology.
  • A results-driven approach focused on delivering data and results.

Sequential and Exception Tests


The NPPF and TAN15 both aim to direct development away from areas at risk of flooding (Sequential Test) and, where development is necessary, by ensuring it is safe (Exception Test).


KRS Environmental can address the Sequential Test and apply the Exception Test for a range of proposed developments and in doing so has enabled development to proceed without objection.


Flood Modelling


Our flood modelling skills focus around providing commercially driven solutions to flood problems. We can produce 1D and 2D flood models of fluvial, tidal, pluvial and combined flooding scenarios.


KRS Environmental has a wide range of flood modelling tools, products and services, which are used as industry standard.  Our 2D and 1D modelling skills are commonly used by our clients to optimise their risk management and investment strategies in urbanised or areas of flood risk.


Flood Warning and Evacuation Plans


A Flood Warning and Evacuation Plan (FWEP) sets out the flood risk at the site, identifies the roles and responsibilities of staff, how to prepare for a flood event (including registering for and responding to formal flood warnings and assembling an emergency kit), identifies a safe access and egress route and a list of things to do or consider after a flood event (including clean-up and recovery actions).


The FWEP is always site specific and the level of detail will vary depending on the nature of the flood risks that the site is exposed to and the type of development.


Code for Sustainable Homes & Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methods


Environmental assessments for new buildings are becoming increasingly stringent as government seeks to reduce the impact of construction on the environment.  The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessments Methods (BREEAM) are used to rate the environmental performance of new buildings.

KRS Environmental has experience of Flood Risk Assessments to address the mandatory elements of Level 4 of the CSH and to attain the available credits for Sur1 - "Surface Water Runoff" and Sur2 "Flood Risk" as well as BREEAM Pol5/Pol6 Flood RIsk Assessment/Minimising Watercourse Pollution Assessments.



KRS Environmental can assist you with your drainage requirements.  From advice on soakaways or pipe sizing to the design of multi-stage Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS) schemes, we use the latest software to create drainage solutions for commercial and residential sites.  By building a close relationship with you, we are able to provide innovative solutions to your specific drainage needs.


Our services include:

  • Designing surface water drainage schemes;

  • Incorporating the latest SUDS techniques;

  • Greenfield and pre/post-development runoff calculations;

  • Use of the latest industry standard drainage design software;

  • Discharging surface water planning conditions;

  • Discharging foul water planning conditions;

  • Obtaining consents and approvals from local authorities and the Environment Agency for the construction of outlet structures and discharge of foul and surface water;

  • Expert drainage consultancy.

Preparation of Environmental Statements & EIA Screening and Scoping Studies

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are required for developments which are likely to have a significant environmental impact.  Whether it is for proposed wind farms, energy from waste facilities, new roads, commercial or housing developments.

KRS Environmental has undertaken EIA’s and prepared numerous technical papers for the water environment section of Environmental Statements (ES). The scope varies but typically includes water quantity (flood risk and water availability) and water quality, potable water and foul water.

Basement Impact Assessments (BIA)


Our Basement Impact Assessments are carried out in line with planning guidance. They typically have similar content to a combined basic Flood Risk Assessment, Hydrogeological Risk Assessment and Structural Assessment but follow more of an Environmental Impact Assessment format/structure.

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